Muscat Italia is a vigorous varietal producing a table grape with slight aromas of muscat. 

It tastes very good and stores and ships well. 

Berries: Ellipsoid, very big, amber yellow colour. 

Thick skin. Juicy and firm flesh taste slightly muscat.

Ripeness: late September – early October.


Victoria was created in Romania by crossing varieties Cardinal and Afus Ali. 

This is an early white table grape variety not very sweet but with nice appearance.

Aptitudes: ships and stores well. Cluster: big, long, Conic or pyramidal. Berries: Oval, big. Skin green- yellow.

It has a neutral taste, the skin of medium thickness, uniformly colored, fresh, crispy meat with two seeds inside the grain.

Ripeness: late August – early September.


Demir Kapija was created in Radmilovac (Serbia), by cross-breeding of Muscat Ottonel and Queen of vineyards. 

The berries are medium-sized or large, round, with the skin being pale and green in color. The cluster is of medium-size and conical shape. Grain-cluster weight varies from 120 – 200 grams. It has a medium resistance regarding fungal diseases. 

The grapes are very pleasant to eat, with distinct muscat flavor. The flesh is crispy, and the grapes are very good for transport.

Ripeness: mid-July.


A white table grape sort that is probably of Eastern origin, cultivated throughout the Mediterranean basin and beyond. Afus Ali is strong and resistant variety of grape. 

Grain-cluster is very large, elongated, branched. Grains are very large, elliptical, with golden color. 

The epidermis is thick, smooth, at first green but as ripening progresses, it gets yellow, almost amber-like. 

The skin is thick, flesh is dense and crispy. The odor is neutral. Requires long or mixed pruning.

Ripeness: late September


Belgrade’s Early (Beogradska Rana) originates from Serbia. 

Grain-cluster is middle-sized, round yellow-green color. 

Grain is large, cylindrical – cup shaped. Grain-cluster weight varies from 200-300 grams. 

The variety is medium resistant to fungal diseases. Grapes are neutral and tasty to eat.

Ripeness: mid-July


Lasta is one of the most beautiful white hybrid varieties that do not require extensive chemical protection.

This specific variety was created by crossbreeding of Muscat de St. Vallier and Llano.

The clusters are medium-sized and the grains are large, firm, greenish-yellow in color. It can take transport very well. 

Ripeness: late August


A new homemade variety from Serbia used for drying, compotes and cooking sweet. 

Grain-cluster is large from 300-500g. 

Berries are large yellow-green with a thick cap.

Ripeness: late September


The grains are large and slightly elongated, with the yellow-green skin. 

The cluster is medium-sized or large, usually conical in shape. 

The cluster mass ranges from 150g to 200g. Variety with very high yield levels, the grape yield varies from 18.000 kg/ha up to 20.000 kg/ha. 

The sugar content of grape juice varies from 17% to 19%, and total acidity ranges from 6 g/l to 7g/l. 

Ripeness: mid-July.


Kraljica vinograda is a white grape variety of the Hungarian origin. 

The leaf is medium or large and can be either three-sided or five-sided. 

Growing season of the grape-vine starts in the first week of April, with medium lush. 

The cluster is huge, weighing from 300g to 500g. The grains are large, round and slightly elongated, crispy, very golden-yellow in color and with a muscat aroma. It is known for its unique feature forming the berries on the branch, which are lover in quality. Very abundant yield.

Ripeness: mid-August

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