Black Magic originates from Moldavia. 

Grain-cluster is medium sized, mass almost 600 grams, the form is conical – pyramidal. 

Berries are medium sized, ellipsoid, skin is dark blue-almost black. 

Taste is neutral.

Ripeness: mid-August.


This variety created Michele Palieri in town of Velletri in Italy, by crossing varieties L’ Alphonse Lavallée and Red Malaga. 

The cluster is large, cylindrical-pyramidal shape, with side-wing, quite loose, weighing, per average, 800 gr. 

Grain is rather large, oval or flat, medium resistant, black-purple, with juicy flesh of sweet taste, neutral.

Ripeness: late August – early September.


Moldava is an interspecies hybrid, favored among red varieties. 

Its main characteristic is resistance to winter frosts, phylloxera, and fungal disease – especially to downy mildew and gray mold. 

Cluster is large and loose. 

Berry is large, oval, dark blue. It has a pleasant, refreshing taste, without any special odours.

Ripeness: early October


Cardinal grape originates from the United States. 

The grains are very large, round, with the skin of scarlet color. 

The grain-cluster is large or very large, with a mass from 200 to 600 grams. 

Yield is abundant and has a mild flavor.

Ripeness: early August.


Muscat Hamburg (or Muskat Trollinger) is a black-skinned grape variety that is used both in winemaking and as a table grape. 

Muscat Hamburg wines tend to be light and rather neutral, although some richer, dessert-style wines are made from overripe grapes.

The variety is thought to be from England, despite its name, although some researchers have proposed that Muscat Hamburg was brought there from Germany.

The cluster is medium and large, branched, branches are on long stems, conical, loose, weighing from 150 to 350 g. Berries are medium and large, ellipsoid. The skin is thin, different colors from blue-violet to dark blue. The meat is very juicy with pronounced muscat aroma.

Ripeness: mid-September


Karmen was created by cross-breeding of Cardinal and Moldova in Sremski Karlovci (Serbia). 

Grain-cluster is large, loose with very attractive, big, ellipsoid, dark blue berries. 

Pulp is firm, crisp, and the taste of grapes is neutral.

It is well transported and stored for a long time in the refrigerator.

Ripeness: mid-August


Rubel originates from France. 

Grain-cluster is large, very dark in color almost black, round and firm skin. 

Rubel should be read when it’s completely ripe and then its color turn into black-purple. 

It has a slightly sweet taste.

Ripeness: late October


Strasenski originates from Moldova. 

It’s very lush and gives very good yield. 

Grain-cluster is very large. 

Berries are large, black with round shape. 

It has very thick skin and juicy, sour flesh. It’s sensitive to powdery mildew, grey mold and low temperatures. Cluster is approximately 650 grams.

Ripeness: early September


Ribier originates from France. 

Ribier means black large in French and they also call it Gros Noir

Grain-cluster is large, approximately mass 500-600 grams. 

Berries are large, round shape.

Ripeness: late September – early October

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