Champion is a walnut variety that originates from the Faculty of Agriculture in Novi Sad, Serbia. 

This walnut variety was selected as a spontaneous cross from the domestic walnut population. 

Champion walnut was officially recognized as a variety in 1987. 

The nuts are large, weighing around 14 grams in average and oval in shape. 

The shell is thin and firmly encloses the tasty core which is light in color and of good quality. 

Champion walnut has content of oil in the core of 67%, while the core filling is over 58%.


Geisenheim 139 is a German walnut variety. 

The tree is medium vigorous with good yields. 

This walnut ripens in mid-October. 

It is a late flowerer and early ripener so it is not threatened by winter and spring frosts. 

The nuts of Geisenheim 139 walnut are medium-large, weighing 12-13 grams in average, rounded in shape. 

The shell is light in color, smooth and fragile. The core fill is around 48%.


Chandler walnut variety is developed in California, and is one of the most popular walnut varieties. 

This walnut has a strong yield in mid to late season. 

Chandler walnut is widely respected for its quality large nuts. 

The shell is oval and smooth in shape, light in colour and well sealed. 

Kernels are light in colour that are easy to remove in halves. Chandler walnut tree is moderately vigorous, flowers late and is great for high density orchards. 

Pollinates best with Franquette variety.


Franquette is a traditional walnut variety native to France. 

This walnut variety has a good yield that comes late in the season. 

Franquette walnut is leafing late and has great nut quality, used widely as a pollinizer for Chandler variety. 

This walnut is mid to large, has a medium thin shell and it is well sealed. 

Kernels are of good quality, light in color and weight. 

Tree is vigorous, large, upstanding and requires very little pruning.

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