Dukat is traditional strawberry variety originating from Poland. 

It harvests from mid-June to mid-July, excellent cropper, and resistant to frost and disease. 

Dukat variety gives large to very large strawberry fruits, wide-conical or spherical in shape, intensively red with a light shine. 

It is juicy, sourish and has aromatic pleasant taste which makes it great for fresh consumption and processing as well. 

Dukat strawberry tolerates transport very well.


Honeoye variety is a vigorous strawberry plant that is easy to grow. 

The regular and consistent yields of this strawberry variety are abundant and start a year after being planted. 

Honeoye strawberry fruits are large and symmetrically conic in shape, orangey-red in color with a glossy finish. 

The flesh is firm and exquisitely tasty. 

Honeoye variety is resilient towards winter temperatures.


Senga Sengana is a strawberry native to Germany and is a very popular variety in outdoor industrial plantations. 

This strawberry plant ripens mid-season and forms a medium size to large bush plant. 

Fruit of Senga Sengana strawberry is large size then medium and small at the end of season. Shape is wide-conical, crimson red in color, uniform on all surface and glossy. 

Flesh of this strawberry variety is dark red, firm but juicy, with strong aromatic taste and fragrance. 

Senga Sengana is great as a dessert strawberry and widely used in processing industry.


Kent is a strawberry variety of Canadian origin. 

This strawberry is a very high yielder widely used in commercial plantations. 

Kent is a early-season variety, with a medium sized,strong and upstanding bush, very adaptable. 

Fruits of Kent strawberry are medium to large in size, and smaller in the following yield, heart-shaped. Intense red in color with a shine. 

Flesh is firm, red and very juicy making it a very tasty strawberry. 

Kent strawberry is used as a dessert variety and in processed industry also. It handles transport very well.

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