Oblacinska sour cherry variety was named after its first major plantation in Oblacina, near the town of Prokuplje, in Serbia. 

Oblacinska sour cherry ripens in the third decade of June. 

The tree is medium vigorous and it gives regular and abundant yields. This sour cherry variety is very popular for modern, industrial, intensive dense orchards. It is relatively resilient to frost and drought. 

The fruits of Oblacinska are medium-large, weighing around 3,5 grams, rounded in shape and dark red in color with thin covering skin. The flesh is juicy, medium firm, with a pleasant aroma and sour in taste. 

The juice made from Oblacinska sour cherry has an intense red color. On the market, it is present as a table variety but also ar popular as frozen, as well as canned or used in juices.


Sumadinka sour cherry variety was developed at the Fruit Research Institute in Čačak, Serbia. 

It ripens in the first part of July. 

The tree is medium vigorous with a branchy crown. 

It flourishes mid-early. The fruits of Šumadinka are large with an average weight of 6 grams. The flesh is uniquely aromatic, juicy, sour in taste and dark red in color. 

This sour cherry is a young bearer with regular and abundant yields. It is relatively resilient to winter temperatures and drought. 

Sumadinka sour cherry is a self-pollinizer. It is excellent as a table cherry but also for all kinds of industrial processing.


Schattenmorelle sour cherry is an older variety has its origins in Germany. 

Tree of this sour cherry variety is medium vigorous with branches bent down lower. 

Resilient to frost, and ripens at the beginning of July. 

Fruit of Schattenmorelle is large, around 5 grams each fruit. Color of this sour cherry is red, and round in shape. Flesh is juicy, soft, and has a pleasant sour aroma.

Schattenmorelle sour cherry is a self-pollInizer, yields early and consistently good. 

Suitable for processed industry.


Kelleriis sour cherry is developed in Denmark. 

Ripens at the beginning of July. 

Tree of this sour cherry is medium vigorous. Kelleriis yields early after planting and yields abundantly and consistently. 

Fruit is large, around 4,5-5 grams each, round in shape. Skin is dark red in color, smooth, shiny and flesh is juicy, medium firm, aromatic and sour-sweet in taste. 

Kelleris sour cherry is a self-pollinizer but yields better if the pollinizers are present.

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