Jonkheer van Tets is an old variety originating from the Netherlands and it is a planned hybrid of Fay’s Prolific and Scotch. 

The bush of this red currant is vigorous with vertical outgrowths that bend under the weight of the fruit. 

Jonkheer van Tets flourishes mid-early and ripens at the end of June. 

This red currant variety is one of the earliest bearers. 

The cluster is short to medium long with a smaller number of berries which are exceptionally large, round in shape and dark red in color.


Rovada is developed in Netherlands and is the most planted red currant variety in the commercial industry. 

This red currant has a long productive life and produces berries on a long string that results in heavy yields that are easy to pick. 

Harvests from mid-July all throughout August and gives yield in the first year right after planting. 

Fruits Rovada variety are very large in long clusters, with a bright red color and a beautiful translucent appearance. 

Taste is outstandingly good which makes it great for fresh consumption and equally great for processing into jams and jellies. 

Rovada red currant is a self fertile variety and a resistant plant.


Red Dutch is a red currant variety originating from Netherland. 

A strong spherical bush with many shoots in the first year. 

Red Dutch is a very fertile variety, ripening late, at the end of July. 

Fruit if this red currant variety is medium in size, spherical, with a bright red glossy color. 

Taste is sharp and sour. 

Very good resistance to frost and diseases. 

Used for processing in the industry and are good for machine harvesting.


Rolan red currant is a variety of Dutch origin as a cross between Jonkheer van Tets and Rosetta variety. 

Bush of this red currant variety is strong, compact and upright, with many shoots, and generally a hardy plant. 

Rolan red currant is a mid-season variety cropping in first half of July for a fertile harvest. 

Fruit is bright red in color with a nice translucent shine and medium to large in size. 

Taste of Rolan red currant is sweet with a slight acidic flavor. 

Used as a dessert variety but also in processed industry.


Rondom is a red currant originating from Netherland and known as a fertile variety. 

An upright and strong shrub, has good resistance to frost. 

This red currant variety has a strong and tall bush around 1,50 m and has excellent yields. 

Rondom red currant flowers between April and May, and ripens in mid-July. 

Fruit is medium to large with bright red color with a appealing shine. Juicy and tasty red currant with a sour taste. 

Rondom red currant is widely used in industrial plantations and is good for machine harvest.

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