Willamette raspberry was developed in Oregon, USA as result of crossing Newburgh and Lloyd George. 

The fruits of this raspberry are large, dark red in color, firm, juicy and exceptionally delicious. 

The stalk is biennial. Willamette yield consist of 10 to 15 tons per hectare which make it the leading and economically most important variety in many countries around the world. 

It yields from mid-summer to the end of summer. 

This medium-height plant can be both thorny as well as without thorns. 

The fruits of Willamette raspberry can sometimes come out yellow in color.


Meeker raspberry variety was developed in the USA in 1967 and it takes up a big part of raspberry production in this part of the world. 

It flourishes mid-late and ripens in the middle of summer. 

This raspberry cultivar is a biennial and it yields once a year. Meeker is a self-pollinizer. 

The yields are abundant, 12 to 15 tons per hectare, sometimes even more. 

Meeker raspberry fruits are firm, weighing around 5,5 grams in average, reddish in color and exquisitely tasty. 

It is suitable for machine picking. Meeker variety is an exceptional table raspberry but equally good frozen.


Tulameen raspberry variety was developed in Vancouver, Canada in 1980. 

Tulameen is a cultivar that is a result of crossing Nootka and Glen Prosen. 

This raspberry ripens late and has excellent yields and good shelf life. 

It is suitable for machine harvesting. 

The fruits are large, firm, with an exceptional quality. Medium red in color, slightly aromatic. 

Tulameen raspberry is consumed fresh and excellent for freezing.

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