Leskovac quince variety tree is medium vigorous, with a rounded crown and with bent branches that reach the ground under the weight of the yield. 

This quince variety ripens in the first half of October. 

Leskovac quince flourishes late and is a regular yielder. The fruits are medium-large to extremely large, weighing around 250- 500 grams, rounded in shape. 

The skin of Leskovac is light yellow and has a pleasant scent to it. The flesh is firm, sour with a pleasant aroma and light yellow in color. 

Leskovac is considered to be one of the best quince varieties. Vranjska quince is the pollinizer of this variety.


Vranjska quince is another variety of quince that originates from Serbia. 

It ripens in October. The tree of this quince variety is vigorous. 

The fruits are exceptionally large, around 500-600 grams in weight and pear-shaped. 

The skin is hairy and golden-yellow in color. The flesh of Vranjska is medium firm, yellow and sweet to sour in taste. 

This quince is a self-pollinating variety and also the pollinizer for Leskovac.


Champion quince is an American variety. 

The tree is an abundant yielder and vigorous. 

This quince ripens in mid-October. 

The fruits are very large and pear-shaped, weighing between 360-450 grams each. 

The lemon-yellow colored skin is covered with gray hairs. The flesh of Champion quince is scented and yellow with a pleasant, aromatic sweet to sour taste. 

Champion is a self-pollinizer.

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