Stanley plum variety originates from the USA and one the highest quality plums, with an exquisitely pleasant taste.

The tree is medium vigorous. It flourishes mid-late. The fruits of Stanley variety are elliptical, medium-large, with an average weight of 35-41 grams.

The skin is dark blue. Stanley plum has a yellow-green, firm, juicy, sweet flesh, with a large pit in the middle. It is ideal to dry due to its high sugar content.

Though it is a self-pollinizer, other pollinizers are recommended. Suitable pollinizers for Stanley variety include Ruth Gerstetter and Californian Blue.


Some experts consider Cacak’s Native (Čačanska Rodna) to be the best variety developed at the Fruit Research Institute, Čačak.

It resulted in crossing varieties of Stanley and Požegača. It is cultivated widely across Europe.

The tree is less to medium vigorous. It flourishes mid- early. Čačak’s Native ripens at the end of August, with regular and rich yields. Čačak’s native is a self- pollinizer. The fruits are medium- large to large, with an average of 28- 42 grams each. The skin is thin and blue in color. The flesh is firm, juicy, yellow and sweet in taste.

Čačanska Rodna variety is great to dry and use for spirit making. Easy to transport.


Cacak’s Beauty (Čačanska Lepotica) variety was developed at the Fruit Research Institute, Čačak, as a result of the crossing between Wangenheims Frühzwetsche and Požegača in 1961.

It ripens mid-early, at the end of July and the beginning of August. The tree of Čačak Beauty is medium vigorous with a pyramidal crown. It flourishes mid-early and gives regular and rich yields after two or three years already.

The fruits of Čačanska Lepotica are medium-large, about 30-40 grams in weight, with a medium-large pit that is easily detached from the flesh. The fruits also have a prominent seam which divides them into two equal halves. Cacak Beauty’s skin is thin, dark blue in color. The yellow-green flesh is firm, juicy, and tastes sweet and sour. Fruit is easy to transport.

Cacak Beauty (Čačanska Lepotica) being a highly quality plum, is excellent consumed fresh, used in spirit making and processed industry.


Cacak’s Early (Čačanska Rana) is an newer variety of plum, originating from Serbia.

It ripens at the beginning of July. It yields early, and the yields are regular and rich.

The fruits of Cacak’s Early are large and heavy, weighing around 40-60 grams in average. Egg-shaped and somewhat elongated, they have a relatively large pit that is easily detached from the flesh.

The color of Čačanska Rana skin varies from purple to blue. The flesh is yellow, firm, sweet and sour, and exquisitely tasty.

Suitable pollinizers include Čačak’s beauty and Stanley. Easy to transport, it has a good market value.


Cacak’s Best (Čačanska Najbolja) is an variety that comes from Serbia, developed by crossing Wangenheims Frühzwetsche and Požegača in 1961. It was accepted as a variety in 1975 and branded in 1991.

The vigorous tree has a pyramidal, thin crown. It ripens mid-August. Cacak’s Best flourishes early, and yields regularly and richly. The egg-shaped fruits are large, the average weight is above 48 grams.

The skin of Cacak’s Best is dark blue. The flesh is green to yellow, juicy, firm, finely aromatic, sweet and sour in taste. Very easy to transport.

Suitable pollinizers for Cacak’s Best (Čačanska Najbolja) include Cacak’s Early and Cacak’s Beauty.


California Blue is an American variety that is widely spread across the world. 

The tree is less to medium vigorous, with a loose crown. It flourishes mid-late, and the yields are regular and rich. 

California Blue has rather large fruits, around 45 grams in weight, dark blue in color. The flesh is yellow to green, easily detached from the pit, juicy, firm, with an exceptionally refreshing taste. 

California Blue plum is a self-pollinating variety and is also used to pollinate other varieties.


Ruth Gerstetter is an old German plum variety. 

It ripens around July 1st. Ruth Gerstetter is a less to averagely exuberant variety. 

It’s an early yielder, with regular and rich yields and great for consumption. 

The fruits of Ruth Gerstetter are medium large, with an average 30 grams in weight. Round in shape, red to bluish- purple in color. The flesh is yellowish, juicy, aromatic, with a refreshing taste. This variety is excellent for cooking, drying, as well as used fresh. Easy to transport. 

Ruth Gerstetter plum is a self-pollinating variety. However, other suitable pollinizers include Stanley and others.



President plum originates from England. 

It ripens at the beginning of September and is a mid-late variety. 

This is a medium vigorous variety, with regular and rich yields. 

The fruits of President variety are exceptionally large, weighing 70 grams in average. The skin is brownish-purple. The pit is large and easily detached from the flesh, which is very juicy, aromatic and sweet-sour in taste, medium firm and green to yellow in color. 

President plum is excellent when used fresh. One of the characteristics of President variety is resilience to low temperatures and spring frosts.

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