Williams pear was developed in Great Britain.

The tree is medium vigorous. The fruits of Williams pear are large, around 250 grams each. They can be used for eating but also and in the making of booze and compotes.

Skin color is pallid green in the base, which changes to yellow. Fruit also has brown lenticels on the surface of skin. The flesh is yellow-white, juicy and sweet. It has accentuated musky aroma.

Ripens: late August


Santa Maria is medium-sized elongated fruits, green-yellow skin, pink on exposed side, white medium-thin flesh. Crop is medium-large to large, from 170 – 250 grams.

Pollinizers: Abate Fetel, Williams, Buttira-Early Morettini.

Ripens: End of July to mid-August


Conference pear  was developed in Britain.

This variety of pear has a long, conical shape, with a yellow skin with russet markings. Its flesh is grainy, sweet and juicy.

The fruit is sweet and jucy. It has a pleasant acidity and muscat flavour taste.

Ripens: late September


Abate Fetel is a French variety of pear.

The tree is medium vigorous. Crop is tall and slim with an attractive yellowish-brown russet over green exterior.

Crop is around 250- 320 grams each. The flesh is white-yellow in color and it has rich sweet taste and slightly crisp yet melting texture.

It is excellent for baking as well as eating out of hand. Pollinizers: Williams, Packham’s.

Ripens: mid-September


Kieffer was developed in USA.

The crop is large, with yellowish and brown color, rounded at the side.

It’s a self-pollinating variety of pear and it doesn’t need other pollenizers.

Ripens: mid-October


This variety of pear was developed in Italy.

The tree is medium vigorous.

The crop is small, about 60 grams, elongated in shape.

Skin is green with attractive red shades. The flesh is white in color and very juice.

Pollinizers: Colorée de Juillet, Coscia, Early Morettini.

Ripens: late June


Butirra (Early Morettini) pear originated from Italy in 1956. by crossing William and Coscia pears.

Crop is medium large to large with average weight of 150 grams.

Fruits are medium sized with smooth and light-yellow skin, blush red on exposed side. Compact, whitish, juicy and sugary flesh, with a slightly aromatic taste.

Pollinators: Kaiser, William, June’s Coloured (Coloree de Juillet), June’s Beauty (Bella di Giugno).

Ripens: late July-early August


Coloree de Juillet variety was developed in France in 1857.

The tree is vigorous. Crop is small to medium-large, 75-100 grams each, elongated in shape.

Skin is pallid green with red streaks on exposed side.

Fruit is juicy, soft, with a mild scent and it has sweet-sour taste.

Ripens: mid-July


Poire de Curé developed in 18th century in France.

The tree is vigorous with pyramidal crown. Blossoms mid-early to mid-late and yields large fruits in typical pear shape, weighing 180-250 grams each.

Crop has yellow-green skin color when yielding turns to yellowish with red blush. Taste is sweet-sour with white flesh color which is juicy and firm.

Ripens: early October

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