Springold peach originates from the USA. 

It ripens in the second half of June and is considered to be a high-quality early variety. 

The tree of Springold is vigorous and it yields abundantly. 

The fruits are small to medium-large, rounded in shape. The skin is yellow in the base, which is covered in a rich red. The flesh of Springold peach is juicy, firm and yellow in color. It handles transport very well.


Springtime peach has its origins in Ontario, Canada. 

It was recognized as a variety in 1953. 

Springtime tree is vigorous and has abundant yields. 

It ripens in the second half of June. 

The fruits of Springtime peach are large, with a prominent style. The main color of the skin is greenish. Springtime peach has high-quality flesh with nice aroma and is white in color.


Suncrest is a hybrid developed in California by crossing Alamar and Gold Dust. 

It was recognized as a variety in 1959. 

The tree is medium vigorous to vigorous with rich yields. 

The fruits of Suncrest are exceptionally large, around 200 grams in weight, rounded and asymmetrical in shape. The flesh is tasty, firm and juicy. It is relatively tolerant to low temperatures. 

Suncrest peach is a self-pollinizer. The pit is easily detached from the flesh.


This variety was developed at the Agricultural Experiment Station in Michigan, USA. 

This is a late variety with regular and abundant yields. 

It ripens in the third decade of August. 

It is considered to be a high- quality and tasty peach. The fruits are large, firm and with an attractive appearance. The skin is golden- yellow in the base and covered in red streaks. 

The pit is easily detached from the flesh which is red around the pit.


Redhaven peach originates from Michigan, USA and is known as one of the most represented varieties of peach. 

Redhaven was developed in 1940 as the result of crossing Halehaven and Kalhaven. 

It is very suitable for cultivation in colder climates. It has a medium vigorous tree that gives regular and abundant yields. 

Redhaven peach ripens from mid-July to the beginning of August. 

The attractive looking fruits are medium-large to large, sometimes with a well-accentuated seam. The flesh is firm, yellow in color, with an excellent taste. Redhaven peach is recognizable by its sweet aroma. The pit is partially detachable from the flesh.


Cardinal variety is developed in Georgia, USA. 

Cardinal peach has a low vigorous tree, and flourishes mid-early. 

It is an early variety and ripens in middle of July. 

Fruit of Cardinal peach is medium large to large and round. 

The skin of Cardinal is yellow in base and covered in red dashed stripes on entire fruit. Flesh is yellowish in color with red fibers. 

Juicy, and fine texture the pit is partially detached from flesh.


Red Top variety originates from the USA and it’s one of the most commonly cultivated varieties. 

This is a medium vigorous variety that has abundant yields. 

Red Top ripens at the end of July. 

The fruits are medium-large to large. The skin is yellow at the base with 90% of its surface covered in red. 

The flesh of Red Top peach is firm with an exquisite taste and a fine aroma.

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