Caldesi nectarine was developed in Italy in 1984. 

Tree is vigorous, and yields in the beginning of August. 

Fruit of Caldesi nectarine is medium large, weighing around 160 grams. 

Shape is slightly asymmetrical, round-conical. Skin is yellow-green in base with 90% covered in bright red color giving it an attractive overall look. 

Flesh of Caldesi nectarine is white colored, with densely woven red fibers, quite firm, pleasant aroma and very juicy. It handles transport and manipulation very well.


Morsiani comes from the USA. 

It is considered to be a high-quality nectarine variety, with regular and abundant yields. 

Morsiani nectarine ripens mid-September. 

The fruits are large, around 250 grams in average, rounded and slightly asymmetrical. An intense red shade covers some 80% of the skin. The flesh of Morsiani is yellow in color, mottled with a red hue, sweet and aromatic. 

The pit is easily detached from the flesh.


Nectared variety originated in the USA. 

It has regular and rich yield and it ripens at the beginning of September. 

The fruits of Nectared are medium-large, rounded in shape. 

The skin is red in color and without shine. Nectared nectarine has an excellent quality and is juicy, medium firm and yellow in color. 

The pit is partially detachable from the flesh. 

Nectared variety is relatively resilient to low temperatures.



Fantasia nectarine variety has a vigorous tree. 

It ripens mid-August. 

The fruits are large, slightly elongated in shape. Fantasia nectarine has a deep yellow skin color with 70% of its surface covered in a fiery red shade. 

The flesh is yellow to orange in color, with red streaks, especially around the pit. Fantasia nectarine has firm and juicy flesh, with a fine aroma and an excellent quality. 

The pit is detachable from the flesh. 

Fantasia is a self-pollinating variety.



Maria Lucia is considered to be one of the highest quality varieties that ripen early. 

The fruits are large and uniform in firmness, color, and shape. 

The skin is covered in a purplish- red color. 

The flesh is white with a fine aroma and an exceptional taste.

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