Red Star cranberry ripens in mid-September. 

The yields are regular and abundant. Berries of Red Star cranberry are large, tasty and with a pleasant scent, exquisitely rich in vitamin C. 

This cranberry variety demands a moister soil that is more acidic. 

Red Star is suitable to be consumed fresh as well as in making of jams, juices, desserts etc. In addition to its health benefits. 

Red Star cranberry can also be used as a decorative plant.


Stevens cranberry is one of the most popular varieties intended for large industrial, commercial plantations. 

This cranberry variety is also attractive to any scale growers as long as the soil is acidic and moist. 

Fruits are large, intense red in color, less tart and slightly sweet in flavour. 

This makes Stevens cranberry great for all types of consumption, processing in industry and is very attractive as an ornamental bush. 

Yields very good in fall.


Big Pearl cranberry is native to North America, and a popular variety. 

This cranberry variety is yielding rich, large in size and dark red fruit, sour flavored. 

Harvests in late summer to early autumn. 

Big Pearl cranberry is used widely in cooking and also processing into jams, jelly and spring leaves as tea extract with great medicinal value.


Pilgrim cranberry is a cross between Prolific and McFarlin cranberry variety.

It ripens in mid-October and has abundant yields. 

The tree of Pilgrim is medium vigorous. 

The fruits of Pilgrim are the largest ones of all the cranberry varieties. 

They weigh around 1,6 grams and are oval in shape and dark red in color.

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