Brigitta blueberry is an Australian variety. 

As a late-ripening variety it yields late in the August. 

This blueberry has strong and lush bushes with abundant yields. 

The fruits of Brigitta blueberry are light blue in color, large and firm, with a pleasant aroma and good quality. It is possible to pick it mechanically. 

It is well-stored under controlled conditions. Brigitta blueberry is resilient to low temperatures and can survive even 25 degrees Celsius below zero.


Duke is a blueberry with high productive and early yields. 

The plants grow strong and upright. 

Duke blueberry is an easy-to-pick variety that gets to keep its shape during the process. 

The fruits of this blueberry are strong-skinned with great color retention after harvest. They are large with a sweet taste that gets better when stored cold. 

This blueberry has a good shelf life.


Bluecrop blueberry ripens at the end of June and the beginning of July. 

It gives abundant yields. This blueberry variety is medium-vigorous in height with upward offsprings. 

The height and width of Bluecrop blueberry are similar (up to 1.5 meters). 

The fruits are rich in sugar, medium-large in size and of a wax-blue color. 

Bluecrop variety succeeds on sunny sides and on acidic soil. It is resilient to low temperatures and drought. Easy to transport.


Bluejay blueberry variety ripens from July and August, crops heavily and grows fast. 

Fruit of Bluejay variety is medium in size, light blue skin color, firm flesh and a mild tasty flavour. 

This blueberry is consumed fresh, and great use in processed industry and cooking. 

It is good for machine harvest.


Patriot blueberry is a variety that has low to medium growth and is adaptable to all soils. 

It flowers early and gives abundant yields. 

The fruits of Patriot blueberry are firm with a small flower-like calyx and a sweet taste when fully ripe. If sharp pruning is applied, the fruits grow even bigger. 

It is resilient to temperatures up to -25°C. 

Due to its dimensions Patriot variety can be kept as a decorative outdoor plant.


Goldtraube blueberry is a German variety that yields from July to early and even late August. 

This blueberry variety is a large and reliable yielder with a medium sized bush. 

Goldtraube fruits are large, with deep purple skin color. It has firm crispy textured flesh, juicy, sweet and fine flavored. 

Respected as an outdoor decorative plant because of the colorful season changing foliage. 

Full of antioxidants, minerals and vitamins it is widely used in cooking as well as making jams, jellies, and consumed fresh.


Early Blue blueberry is a very early yielding variety, but ripening time can be extended when planting with later varieties. 

This blueberry variety is a high yielder with a upright and spreading bush attractive also as an ornamental plant. 

Fruits of Early Blue blueberry are large, firm, light blue in color and sweet in flavor.

It’s popular variety consumed widely fresh, in cooking and processed industry.

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