Thornfree blackberry is a variety originating from the USA. 

It ripens in August and September, often in October. 

The yield of this blackberry is abundant, sometimes up to 25 tons per hectare. 

The fruits are mid-large to large, weighing around 5 grams, spherical to conical in shape. 

Thornfree blackberry fruits are firm and of high quality, medium aromatic, slightly sour in taste and glossy and black in color. 

They can be used fresh and are suitable for all kinds of processing as well as freezing. Thornfree blackberry handles transport very well.


Loch Ness is a high yielding blackberry variety that grows in form of a shrub. 

It ripens in late August and then throughout September. 

This blackberry variety gives up to 3.5 kilos of fruit per plant. 

The berries are firm and large, weighing around 5 grams in average, black with a glossy finish and exquisitely sweet in taste. 

Due to its high-quality consistency, Loch Ness can be stored up for a relatively long time. 

Resistant to low temperatures.


Triple Crown blackberry is a newer American variety with high potentials when it comes to yields and semi-vertical and strong offspring. 

It ripens in mid-July and lasts until the end of August which classifies it in a medium-early ripening category. 

The fruits of this blackberry are large, 6-7 grams in weight. 

Triple Crown is a sweet variety, black with a glossy finish and is mostly used in industrial production.


Chester is a newer variety of blackberries, developed in the USA in 1985. 

It is a cross between Thornfree and Darrow. 

Chester blackberry is an abundant variety, with high-quality fruits and large yields in mid-late August. 

The fruits are medium-large to large, weighing 5-7 grams in average, with a conical shape. 

Chester blackberry has a sweet taste and a mild aroma. 

It is resilient towards low temperatures, keeps its properties in hot conditions, and is known to be one of the most resistant varieties.


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