Titania is a relatively new variety that comes from Sweden. 

It reaches around 1,5 meters in height and the same in width. 

The fruits of this black currant are large, aromatic, with an intense taste and rich in vitamin C. 

Titania forms a medium dense yield with berries that ripen simultaneously. The ideal soil for this variety is a slightly acidic or a neutral one. 

Titania black currant is highly resilient to low temperatures as well as diseases. 

Titania is often used in juice and jam production. It is also considered to have health benefits.


Boskoop Giant is a black currant traditional cultivar originated in Netherland. 

This black currant variety has a fertile and vigorous bush, growing upright and branching low. 

Boskoop Giant ripens early to middle of summer giving productive yields. 

Fruits are large to very large, round, juicy, aromatic with a acidic and sweet taste that gets sweeter as they mature. 

This black currant is easy to pick. 

Boskoop Giant is great for processing into jams, jellies, sauces, juices, etc.


Ben Connan is a black currant developed in Scotland, good frost and mildew tolerant. 

Ben Connan has a small and compact shrub and is a highly productive plant. 

Crops early and heavy for a long period starting in early July. 

Fruits of this black currant are very large, on short strings, black skin color with glossy finish. 

Flesh of Ben Connan is crisp, with rich and excellent aroma. Widely used as a dessert and culinary fruit and considered as one of the best black currant varieties.

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