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Nursery ‘KALEM DJORDJEVIC’ has a long tradition and more than 60 years of experience in planting material production in Serbia.
We are implementing the latest technology and know-how into production of grafted fruit trees and grapevine plants.

guarantee of quality

Grapevine, Rose and Fruit saplings are hand grafted and they have been produced as Virus Free
The production of plants is in the valley of the river Zapadna Morava, where specific microclimate conditions give all the prerequisites for the production of top quality plants, controlled and analyzed by the expert services of the Ministry of Agriculture of Republic of Serbia.
Therefore our customers receive healthy, varietal accurate and certified planting material with all necessary documentation and certificates.


Discount on contracted saplings production!
Would you like to arrange saplings production in advance for the next year and reduce the costs of raising a vineyard or orchard?
Therefore, if you are planning a large plantation, it’s very important that you contact us on time so we can arrange cooperation details.
You can also send us your varieties of fruit trees and grape plants and we will graft them for you.

Exclusive design

We can offer especially designed packaging of our products (grapevine, fruit plants, berry fruits, rose plants) for your market.
Plants can be packed into cardboard boxes or plastic bags.
We can print your brand logo on our packaging, declaration of products on your language, EAN codes and other informations as you wish.


We pack our plants (grapevine, fruit trees, berries and roses) as:
bare root, packed root with wet sawdust, packed root ball put in a bag, packed root into designed cardboard boxes.
According to the customer wishes, the plant material can be carved, waxed, and for retail individually packaged.

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